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Challenge Starts 2/1/2022! 
This is a great way to kickstart your fitness and health commitments for the New Year!

Not only will you get 14 days of awesome vibration plate workouts that will have you seeing and feeling results BUT I am also going to include 5 proven ways you can start living a longer, healthier life by making small changes to your current lifestyle. 
We are talking about replacing old bad habits with new and sustainable ones! 
By combining these 5 things with vibration therapy, you are on your way to optimal health! 

Here is what you will get:

  • Have A Hectic Schedule? No Problem! You can workout whenever its convenient for you!
  • Challenge Packet
  • 14-Days Of Workouts That Will Have You On Fire!
  • My E-Book That Will Give You 5 Things You Can Do Daily To Live A Longer & Healthier Life
  • Motivational Fitness Necklace "Never Never Give Up"
  • Daily tips and tricks on how you can maximize  your vibration plate for optimal results
  • Opportunities To Earn Points And Win Amazing Prizes
  • Access to Saturday Live/Zoom Full-Body Hardcore Bootcamps During Challenge
  • And Fun Surprises Throughout The Challenge
I know schedules are hectic and I also know things don't always go our way when its time for us to finally do something for ourselves. Thats why I felt it was important to give you access to all of the workouts. By the time this challenge is done, you will have so many resources at your disposal so you can continue your fitness journey and optimize your health.

What If There Was A Way To Workout From Home Using One Piece Of Equipment And Get A Full Hour Of Workout In Just 15 Minutes A Day?  
There is!
In As Little As 14 Days, You Can Lose Weight, Increase Muscle Mass And Decrease The Chances Of Developing Health AND Age Related Conditions...

Your Challenge Questions Answered!

Do I need a vibration plate to take this challenge? 
Nope! You don't need a vibration plate to be apart of this challenge. You can do the same exercises we do just do them on the floor or mat. However, a vibration plate is highly recommended for optimal results. 
If I don't have a vibration plate, can you get one for me at a discount?
YES! I can get you a great vibration plate for an amazing price. Just ask me!
How does a vibration plate help you lose weight?  
Great Question! In a nutshell, using a vibration plate boosts intensity of your normal workout, it increases your metabolism so you’ll burn fat at a much higher rate. 
Can I still eat whatever I want to eat and lose weight during this challenge?
Unfortunately not... Combining a healthy diet with this 14 Day Shake Off The Extra Weight Challenge using a vibration plate will result in increased energy (from using a vibration plate) and will lead to a weight loss!
Have you ever seen anyone lose weight from using a vibration plate? 
Yes! ME!! I lost 55lbs and went from a size 18 to a 9 in a year. I am leaner and stronger than ever and Im in my 40's.
Can anyone take this challenge? 
Anyone over the age of 16 can take this challenge. In fact, the older you are, the better a vibration plate for you!


In this 14 day challenge you will get LIVE BEST-IN-CLASS VIBRATION PLATE FITNESS TRAINING THAT OTHERS HAVE PAID $497 for absolutely FOR FREE
Starting on November 28th

Meet Your Host

Sandra Tanner

Sandra Tanner Lifespan Health Coach
My name is Sandra Tanner! You may recognize my 
lower half shaking off my extra weight in the video above.

 I am a certified specialist in health and 
fitness over 40 as well as an expert in lifespan education. 

I am obsessed with using vibration plates to optimize my clients fitness results and their time. 

Ever heard the term "work smarter not harder"? 
Thats exactly how I like to describe using a vibration plate. 

I have created a one-of-a-kind fitness program and I want to shoe it to you in this Shake Off Your Extra Weight 14-Day Challenge.

I love helping people get healthier, stronger so they can live an Optimized Life.

I would love the opportunity to do the same for you!
Our Shake Off Your Extra Weight Challenge guides you every step of the way!
It's time to stop making excuses and FINALLY TAKE ACTION!

It’s Time To Take The



"Through Sandra's program, she has taught me how to live a healthier life so that I can make the most of every day".

"Optimized Life with Sandra is AMAZING!!! I have never felt better. Through Sandra’s program, she has taught me how to live a healthier life so that I can make the most of every day. I am proud to say that I can now run, lift weights, and do cardio! Sandra has taught me so many different exercises that are tailored for my body and ability. Not only that, she has taught me how to eat healthier and what my body needs to thrive. "

Jessica Case

"She helps you find different ways of doing the workouts so that you can figure out which way works best for you."

"Sandra is awesome. She really goes over the workout routines and keeps them fun. I enjoy working out with her guidance and support. She helps you find different ways of doing the workouts so that you can figure out which way works best for you. You can tell that she genuinely wants you to feel healthier and create a good workout lifestyle." 

Danielle O’Brian

"My relationship with exercise and outlook on a healthier lifestyle much much better"

"I've been with Optimized Life for about 2 months now and I must say that it has made my relationship with exercise and outlook on a healthy lifestyle much much better! From the vibration plate workout classes to the health plan, my life has already improved so much. Sandra’s encouragement of really changing your thinking about health first really helps the rest fall in line."

Brittany Edens
From The Desk of Sandra T.
From The Desk of Sandra Tanner
Re: The Shake Off Your Extra Weight Challenge
I remember 12 months ago before I started my weight loss journey, the idea of losing 60 lbs was very overwhelming. 

When would I find time to workout? 

Im already busy enough, when will I find time in my day to go to the gym and workout? 

Do I really even need to lose 60 lbs right now or can I wait until its more convenient? 

Should I wait until the holidays are over? 

Would this slice of cake really matter? 

I don’t feel like working out today. 

When I stopped making excuses and started getting serious about what I knew I needed to do, I started seeing results! 

One week at a time… one pound at a time…  

Now, one year later I am down 60 lbs and feeling stronger. I went from a size 18 to a size 9 and I never thought that would be possible. 

Along the way in my weight-loss journey, I discovered vibration therapy. 

I combined my health and fitness coaching knowledge with my vibration plate machine and created a fun and unique way to lose weight without having to feel guilty for taking hours away from my family to do something for myself. 
Vibration Plate Online Fitness Classes
In this challenge, I am going to show you what I did to lose the weight and keep it off for good this time. One Of A Kind Vibration Plate Fitness Program is a great example of how you can optimize your time and fitness results with one piece of inexpensive equipment. 

You literally get twice the effects in half of the time. Im serious! 

Studies show you only need 15 minutes a day 3 times a week to get the benefits. 

15 minutes working out on your vibration plate is like working out for 45 minutes at the gym.  

Seriously! How? Because the vibrations make your muscles contract anywhere between 30-50 times per second depending on the speed you set it to. 

By implementing my challenge and techniques with your vibration plate, not only will you have a full body workout in only 15 minutes a day but you will start looking and feeling stronger in no time.

If you have been wanting to workout but you can’t find the time in your day to go to the gym, this class is for you. 

It's amazing for aging individuals over 50 even if you have knee pain or other health conditions.

My Shake Off The Extra Weight Challenge is all about Optimization, time management and sustainability.
I also wanted to include my 5 proven ways to start living a longer, healthier life NOW course in this challenge because most people don't even realize how much of the outcome of our health is in our control. 

60% of our health is up to us, The rest is up to genetics. 

If we fully understood this powerful bit of information, how would it change the way we eat and live?

Thats what we are also going to dive into. 

Get ready to change how you see your health and fitness during this 14-day challenge. 

If you want to:

  • Increase bone density
  • ​Increase metabolism
  • ​Improve lymphatic system
  • ​Enhance blood flow
  • ​Improve stress
  • ​Burn fat
  • ​Build muscle
  • ​Lose weight
  • ​Tone
  • ​Manage pain and discomfort
  • ​Change your mindset about health and fitness
  • ​Workout without leaving your home
  • ​Slow down and even reverse age and health related conditions
  • ​Learn how you can live a longer and healthier life
  • ​And More!
This is defiantly the challenge for you.

During this 14-Day SHAKE OFF YOUR EXTRA WEIGHT CHALLENGE, not only could you get experience the benefits above, but I will personally workout with you and share the things I did to shake off my extra weight and educate you on how to optimize your lifestyle and vibration plate so you can lose weight, keep it off for good and live a longer life.  

- Sandra Tanner

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