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"You have to start somewhere or else you will never get closer to where you want to be"
-Sandra Tanner 
Specialized Heath & Fitness Coaching for Individuals Over 40 
Hi! I'm Sandra! The more I learn about health, getting older, and living a quality life, I see how important it is to find ways throughout your day to move. Even if it’s going for a walk, run, aerobics activities, bike rides, doing yard work or just playing in the yard with your kids. 
As our body starts aging (and it starts happening in our 30’s) there are natural processes that take place as we get older that we can not control but then there are things that we can control. 

How fast our body starts to deteriorate is one of them.  

The more we keep moving, the more we can slow down and even reverse the aging process, increase our lifespan, and (healthspan) improve our quality of life, and combat age-related diseases. And the best part... live an independent life when we get older. 
Being sedentary speeds up that process.
It’s better to start ASAP. I know we still have years until we think about our “older self” but preventative care is the new health care. 

Add healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle you are unstoppable!

Let us help you live a longer, healthier life!
Certified Senior Health & Fitness Coach, Longevity Specialist & Wellness Blogger
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We are a health and wellness blog that provides the information and resources you need to achieve optimal health, wellness, and longevity no matter what the current state of your health is. There is always something you can do and there are always ways to be better. 

Our blog is about educating and encouraging others to make small changes to their current lifestyle so they can live healthier and better life. 

Our hope is to give you the tools you can use to modify your quality of life while encouraging you to make small changes to optimize your health.

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